Weight Loss Pro

My background in alternative and modern medicine helped me design Weight Loss Pro around the Femindipity principles. For this particular project I have teamed up with Zumba Instructor & Personal Trainer Diana Andrei, so you can get double-value from this seminar.

This innovative programme will help you lose not only the extra pounds, but also the weight of the stress, worries and negative beliefs which are holding you back from reaching your goals.

Weight Loss Pro aims to improve both lifestyle and mindset, being a holistic approach in coaching.

I’m excited every time I get the opportunity to travel together with a new client on this amazing journey, so I cannot wait to meet and help YOU rediscover and reinvent yourself while attaining your physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balance.

So if you struggle with:

  • self esteem issues
  • your body weight and keeping diets
  • integrating sports into your routine

Weight Loss Pro will help you:

  • nurture a self-love relationship with your body
  • adopt a healthy diet and lose weight without even thinking about it
  • discover which types of exercises work best for you