The 9 Month Glow

Pregnancy is a special time is a woman’s life. Every minute should be filled with the joy that the newborn will bring after birth. But some women cannot experience this happiness because of various motives. When talking about a risk pregnancy, the worries that these women have are relateable. However, a significant amount of mothers-to-be who have a perfect pregnancy, from a medical point of view, experience:

  • constant fear that something will happen with the pregnancy
  • anxiety, including panic attacks, caused by diverse symptoms
  • fear of birth
  • fear of becoming a mother
  • fear of becoming an inadequate mother

Even after birth, the stress continues:

  • fear of insuficient breastmilk, inadequate breastfeeding
  • fear of hurting the baby
  • fear of postnatal intercourse
  • anxiety caused by diverse symptoms, usually menstrual iregularities
  • and many other insecurities

Because of these worries, the women:

  • experience a dramatic loss of life quality at home, work, socially
  • constantly go to the doctor and risk receiving medication or procedures they do not really need, which can even be damaging to the pregnancy
  • have a high risk of developing depression
  • choose to have a C-Section and expose themselves to the surgical risks
  • risk developing an unhealthy relationship with their baby, even though it is a wanted pregnancy


  • 90% of pregnancies will develop perfectly even without medical supervision;
  • STRESS has a negative impact on the pregnancy;
  • many unpleasant symptoms in pregnancy are completely normal, that is why one might think that the doctor does not take the patient seriously;
  • NOBODY is perfect! not all women can breastfeed like a champ from day 1; there is no such thing as a perfect mother!
  • every woman experiences labor differently, from zero pains to complete exhaustion, and there is no way to guess who will experience what;
  • what women need in pregancy are: SUPPORT, REASSURENCE, EMPATHY and a lot of LOVE.

It is easy to tell a pregnant woman not to freak out. But that won’t solve the mental insecurities she has. She fears for the most important person in her life: her unborn, which receives total unconditional love since the day the urin test turns positive.

Constantly ignoring anxiety, an obvious cry for help, is detrimental to the pregnancy. I have experienced thousands of situations so far and I know how important it is that the mother-to-be receives proper care. In a world where 1 in 5 people suffer from anxiety, nobody should be suprised when it manifests during pregnacy and it should be taken seriously.

In order to assist* the women who have requested my help in pregnancy, I have created a couple of programmes. I want to help mothers enjoy their pregnancy to the fullest, because women deserve the happiness that comes with the miracle of life!

Along the way, the need for grief or birth trauma counselling appeared, as sadly some of my clients experienced the unpleasant events that can happen in pregnancy. My goal in these cases is to help the client transition from the tragic experience as soon as possible, so she can be able to invest all the love she can give into a new pregnancy.

So if YOU need my assistance in pregnancy related issues, look through the services below (preconceptional, prenatal and postnatal coaching, grief and birth trauma counselling). I am dedicated to making this life experience as wonderful as possible for all mothers-to-be!

*by agreeing to any of the coaching session mentioned above, you are aware that these consulations do not replace a real medical appointment; before every session you will be asked to confirm that you are in no need of urgent medical treatment.