Reconnect with your body


Does your life revolve around pain? Stomach-, head-, bellyache are some of the words that you constanly use to describe the unpleasant feeling you are going through? I bet you can even feel it coming and you dread it. You jump immediately to medication, you know all the steps you need to take to make the experience less excruciating. You may or not know what brings it about, but it wouldn’t make much difference if you did anyway.

I know fear of pain. I know how to hide, treat, ignore and live with pain. For a long time I fought it off with pain-killers, treating the symptoms and not the disease. Therefore the disease persisted and expanded, leading to an increase in medication.

It was only after I had realised that I was fighting with my own body did I start to take back control from the pain that had consumed me.

If you ask a neuroscientist, they will tell it to you straight: PAIN is an illusion. Simple as that. So how can you treat something that is not there, but which has somehow taken control of your life?

As a doctor, I can honestly say that my patients heal me as much as I heal them. Treating them made me understand pain.

Birth. Myomas. Endometriosis. Ovulation- and menstrual cramps. Migraines. And the worst of all: psychological pain with all the psychosomatic pain spectrum.

I know pain.

Reconnect with your feminine body is the second part of the Femindipity healing concept and focuses on aligning the mind with the body. For you see, in our constant search to find happiness, we forget to focus on our physical self while we invest in our personal growth.

We believe what many gurus tell us: ”The body is just a vesel for our souls”. Pardon the language, but as a doctor and spiritual coach myself I call BS. It is just a cheap trick for any self-esteem training and just another belief that makes us dissociate with our bodies even more.

Therefore, in Reconnect with your feminine body we:

  • track down the source of any pain you experience;
  • determine if the pain is organic or psychological;
  • recommend the most suitable therapy.

You will:

  • learn how to LISTEN to and COMMUNICATE with your body;
  • reduce your intake of pain-killers as both pain intensity as well as occurance rates will drop significantly;
  • learn how to use the Femindipity method for any other problems in the future, may them be of mind, body or soul;
  • and most importantly, you will experience more self-love as you befriend every inch of your skin and every bone in your body.