Femindipity Healing


My dear,

if you feel that you have been running your whole life and that you cannot stop for a break, even though you are exhausted, then I understand you completely.

If the question that is frustrating you is: I have achieved so much on so many levels, why am I not happy? , I can give you the answer — because I’ve been there myself.

I made a career out of my love for people, I got married to a man who adores me, I managed to fill up my house with cats, which was a childhood dream (yes, I really wanted cats). Working 80-hour-weeks, I did not have time to think about myself. I was there for my patients, for my husband, for my pets.

Then my body started showing signs I had reached a dangerous limit. I changed to 40-hour-weeks, but it was already too late. My mind gave up on me the minute I finally had time to think about myself. Because who was I? Everybody told me how great I was, but I felt they were praising somebody else. My self-esteem issues ressurfaced stronger than ever and anxiety made my skin itch to the point I would have left my body if I could have.

I searched for answers to find out what was wrong. I felt lost. Unexplicabily sad. Clueless about what was really eating away at me and angry at my spouse for not relating. Why was I living an unfulfilled life? The answer seems easy when you hear it:

We all talk about self-love with such ease but never really imagine how hard it is to actually reach the state where you can actually do that. And everybody knows: doctors make the worst patients. On my way to recovery, I did not make it easy on myself and on the people trying to help me.

To heal myself, I wanted to know all the WHYs, the WHATs, the HOWs and WHENs. This ”self-love thing” had to become permanent. I was never going to allow myself to fall into that very dark place again, where anxiety was the enemy I had to share a room with. I promised myself I will LOVE myself no matter what, till the end of my life.

On my journey of self-discovery I learned extraordinary things about myself and have met the most inspiring people. The experience was mind-blowing! Not only did I reconnect with my soul, but I also strenghtened my connection with my physical body (new programme here). I like to say that I did not become a new person, but I grew into the person I was supposed to be. I found my purpose in this life and I aknowledged the fact that I have the potential to do anything I wanted. I am passionate, fearless and the things I used to find difficult do not seem that hard to achieve anymore. When was the last time you felt like that? If you can’t remeber, maybe it is time to start your own journey of self-discovery and I am more than happy to be your guide! You will thank yourself for it!

The research that I carried out helped me crystalise my own conclusions about self-love and the power behind that. On the premise of If I understand it, I can also teach it I developed my own programme, based on years of trainings and patient/client experiences.

My standardized coaching method, Femindipity, is life-coaching, dating-coaching, business-coaching, you name it! Once you discover who you really are and what drives you forward, you can tailor the Univers around YOUR needs with incredible ease! Join the programme and awe at the incredible person waiting for you at the end of your journey!

What does Femindipity mean?

Femininity = a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women; it is made up of both socially-defined and biologically-created factors; this makes it distinct from the definition of the biological female sex, as both males and females can exhibit feminine traits.

Serendipity = the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way; it is a common occurrence throughout the history of product invention and scientific discovery.

Oxford Dictionary

Therefore, my method uses femininity to awaken our dormant female potential of accesing unlimited happiness. It is a power-coaching programme for women who need a new, positive kick-start in their life.

Dear women,

We dream BIG, as we should, and always want the fast and easy road to HAPPINESS, whatever shape it may have:

  • career
  • money
  • children
  • a stable home
  • a great partner
  • etc.

We run to this Happiness Tree and pluck the fruit of our hard work, but forget to dig deep and tend to our roots. That is why, somewhere along the way, we don’t feel happy, even though we should. Some call it light depression. Some, a form of midlife crissis. It is simply unfulfillment. This happens to men too, but women have this illness engraved into their DNA, because of thousands of years of undeniable patriarchal oppression. Even today, femininity is seen more as an external, rather than an internal trait.

  1. Women are taught to NEGLECT their true selves and SEEK outside approval at all times. They need to LOOK the part and care for OTHERS. Their ”self” has no priority and gets lost along the way.
  2. Men are taught to HEAR but not LISTEN TO what women have to say.
Disclosure: Femindipity is not a feminist manifesto. It aims to unearth negative beliefs and counterproductive behaviours that keep a woman from reaching her full potential.

Our 21st century society is just starting to repair the psychological damages of the former patriarchy. And that is why it is HARD for women to heal. Universal tools are missing. The majority of women don’t even know that they need and can get help. They do not challenge the social system which has failed them over and over again. They don’t question whether or not they deserve more than what the environment has provided for them. They comply to the status quo of feeling unhappy with no apparent reason, just like their mothers before them.

With Femindipity, I want to help YOU discover the amazing person that has been hiding in your subconscious all along and enable HER change YOUR life forever. It is a mixture of my psychotherapeutical, NPL and coaching training, designed as a simple 7-step worksheet, on 7 topics. During the get-to-know session, I will quickly guide you through the 7 topics listed below and extract milestones in your past, present and future development. The future sessions will be adapted according to YOUR needs.

Ever thought that a milestone you haven’t reached in your childhood could prevent you achieving your goals in your adult life?

What is stopping you in the present from being the woman you want to be in the future?

Femindipity will make you awe at yourself – at who you truly are, what powers lie within and what you can do!

Listen to the instinct that says GO FOR IT and book your free get-to-know 30-min. call with me. Loving yourself means giving yourself all the chances to grow, learn and trust that the Universe has bigger plans for you!

A new world will open for you! You will get up every morning with a smile on your face and ready to live the day full of purpose! It is the most amazing feeling and YOU deserve it!