Coach Diana Andrei

I have a strong belief that all of us have a divine purpose on earth and we are all Gods and Goddesses who sadly forgot or never acknowledged our special calling. If you are unaware of your true self, then it is your unconscious emotions that are taking over the control. You start hijacking yourself, because your unconscious mind is wired to give you what you need and not what you really want. Therefore the unwanted reactions and negative attitudes that arise make you feel incapable and unworthy to live your dream. I am here to help people understand that they shouldn’t settle for the next “okish” situation. Everybody deserves only the best and change starts at home : start loving yourself so that you can live a life that has meaning both to you and the ones around you.

I want to help women come out of their shell and how to do it better than literally getting them out of their comfort zone through physical activity?

When I was little, my mother has told me that I have been named after the Goddess of the hunt, the moon and nature. She told me her story and how she was both worshiped by the Romans and the Greeks as the protector of wolves. (Photo: Painting of Diana by Guillaume Seignac)

Back then I was proud of my name, feeling special, beautiful and feminine, like a Goddess. I believed that this name was meant for me, especially since I also loved animals, enjoyed my time in the nature and playing with animals. The brightness of the moon fascinated me. It had a mystical presence, glowing in the dark night.

But then, after a few years, life happened and all of those special feelings vanished like magic. Little by little, new experiences and situations nurtured a new and devastating feeling: shame. Shame of my body which has started to “transform” against my will. Hormones ran through my body and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Nobody knew how I felt, how I hated parts of my body, because you cannot see something like this. My smile eclipsed the sadness in my eyes.

I felt that way for a long time.

Till one day, a familiar spark lit in my heart.

I went back to my childhood, the last time I felt happy. And there she was, the woman that was going to change my life: Goddess Diana.

Just like any Goddess, I believe that every woman has her own super power, some sort of magic that can have a positive impact in their communities. However, grewing up with many girls and women that were and are not aware of their own strengths, abilities and talents, made it difficult for me to see the magic in me. 

I knew I was meant for more, so, even though I struggled with low self-esteem as an introvert, I pushed myself to accept challenging experiences. It felt like a jump into the unknown, but it was not that scary, because I was together with other people. My volunteering experience for about 9 years in organisations like AIESEC, JCI and TEDx has shaped me into the person I am today. I grew from team-member to team-leader and project manager, where I myself got to be responsible for challenging, empowering and inspiring others to go further, dream BIG and never stop fighting for what they love.

The results that I got with my team members motivated me to dig deeper into personal development.

And that is how I came to reconnected with Laura, alongside I have worked with when we were still at university, after many years appart. This particular story is proof that the Universe listens to your wishes, if you voice them out. I am so grateful that our paths intertwined when they did. She inspired me with her vision to help women through the Femindipity project. I am honored to work with Laura on setting up this amazing coaching program women, that will help them transform every aspect of their life. 

I have gladly joined the Femindipity lifestyle and I am inviting you to do the same!