Let’s talk Femindipity

Femindipity is an introspection-fuelled call-to-action coaching method designed by gynaecologist Dr. Laura Götz to help women find their potential for lifelong happiness.

This coaching is for you if you:

  • know you are meant for more!
  • feel like you have been running all your life but allowing yourself to take a break is equal to failure
  • are sick of leading an unhealthy lifestyle
  • think what you see in the mirror is responsible for all the negative things in your life
  • are so unfocused you cannot live your life the way you actually want
  • have trouble in your relationships at home and work
  • constantly repeat yourself: Who am I?
  • came to a point where you ask yourself: Why am I not happy?
  • feel like your body is working against you
  • are unsure if you might go through a mid-life crisis or depression

The Femindipity programmes will help you find happiness and fulfillment through:

  • getting in touch with your true feminine self
  • discovering what your true passion and life-purpose are
  • mapping out a personalised nutrition and activity plan
  • forming a healthy mind-soul-body connection
The current Femindipity programmes are:
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I am Laura, a gynaecologist with a passion for psychology. After working with tens of thousands of women, I realised that alternative and not modern medicine was what most my patients needed. And so I dug deeper into psychosomatic and self-development to find ways to better help my patients and myself. Femindipity, my standardized coaching method, resulted out of my love for people. Women are my specialty and I help them heal using the best resource they have at their disposal: their femininity.

Why is femininity a woman’s biggest asset?

Whenever I present Femindipity at various gatherings, along with words of praise I also get a couple of weird looks followed by the comment: This is not for me, I am connected with my feminine side.

And that is exactly the type of answer I get from my clients when we start the coaching programme. They are convinced that their unhappiness has nothing to do with their connection to their feminine mind, body and soul.

For you see, a lot of people mistake femininity with looking feminine. While looking feminine has to do more with culture, actually being feminine is an internalised trait. Just like masculinity.

On their way to succed in business and become financially independent, women adopt more and more masculine traits. There is no issue in that, for both genders need to achieve a healthy balance between masculinity and femininity in order to thrive. The only problem is that (goes for men too) they neglect their female foundation, they ignore what makes them women:

In my both coaching programmes, Femindipity Healing and Reconnect with your body, I talk about the dissociation between mind, soul and body. Women suffer from it because the shift caused by the feminist movement came to fast. Women needed to get independet FAST so they copied men. But males run on testosteron while women are estrogenic beings. Males are ACTION while females are PEACE.

No, I am not coaching flower-power, teaching how to braid hair or do make-up. One thing I let my clients know form the begining is that this YIN-YANG phylosophy is real. Yes, you are a strong woman, balancing kids, work, yoga&co like a pro, but you are still human and your genetics equiped you with female organs and a female brain.

Did you know that for the first weeks of life, even male (XY) embryos have female (XX) genitalia? It is first when testosterone is produced that these organs start to change. If this process fails, the outcome is a fully formed baby girl with XY genes.

The science is there.

Now let’s talk about the female brain, another term I use to start spicy conversations with.

ESTROGEN infuses every cell of our body on a daily basis. Our brains swim in this amazing stuff. Our feelings and reactions are heavily influenced by it. It is not as vital as other hormones to keep us alive, but it plays a masive role in WHO we are. My breakthroughs with my clients happen when they truly accept this fact, because that is when they truly fall in love with WHO they are.

I tell this joke:

People become defensive and scream out in reply only when they believe the criticism to be true. Therefore, if you believe that being grumpy on your period is a positive truth, you won’t take the remark negatively (there’s another story if that was just a snarky remark, we’ll cover dealing with that behaviour some other time). Just accept that people find you difficult when overwhelmed with hormones. Who likes grumpy co-workers? But you are still you even that time of the month. You love yourself, with all your flaws and qualities, with all your estrogen. Life is that easy when you accept your femininity. Trust me.

So why is this mind-soul-body dissociation such a big problem?

Society and culture have an impact on our development as men and women. But we are our own WORST ENEMIES when we should be our own BEST FRIENDS. That is why Femindipity is an introspection-fuelled healing method.

We’re going back to periods, because they are the epitome of femininity. Throughout our lives, we learn that periods are a burden: the pain, the shame, the pregnancy scare. But they are as normal as our stomach digestion. They happen. They are part of us. The hormones make our body bleed and hurt, our soul a bit grumpy, therefore our mind thinks time and time again: this is bad for me. The mind has decided that what the body does is a bad thing, as if the body is at fault somehow. The two have to co-exist, but they are not friends. How can you love your body if you don’t love your menstruation? That is the mind-body dissociation. The soul-body dissociation has to do with shame and preconceptions. ”If I blead through my tampon, people will laught at me”. Menstruation impacts our self-esteem negatively. All the bleeding, mood swings, pimpels lead to: I HATE MY BODY.

A lot of the women I talk to say they would be happier if they did not have periods. How can you say that you are connected with your femininity if you don’t like that part of yourself?

Doctor fact: you can get rid of your period with hormones, but beware, they will impact your life in other ways.

Menstruation is one of the 7 major milestones in a woman’s development. Because women deal with it for up to 40 years, having any sort of issues with it influences many aspects of their lives. As a gynecologist, more then half of the medical complaints I get are about – you guessed it – menstruation. So if you want to heal your mind-soul-body connection, we will discuss the matter at one point.

What is femininity anyway?

Femininity = a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with girls and women; it is made up of both socially-defined and biologically-created factors; this makes it distinct from the definition of the biological female sex, as both males and females can exhibit feminine traits.

Therefore, just having breasts and a vagina, or just wearing skirts and make-up does not mean you are in touch with your femininity. It is more of a state of mind than a genetic expression or a lifestyle. And…

Accepting your femininity means accepting your female body and the female brain and heart that estrogen helped shape. Accepting your femininity will help you find true happiness. And that is what Femindipity aims to do.

Our femininity is our greatest asset. So why aren’t we able to use it to its full potential?

When we tap into our femininity, we use our most powerfull resource: our true selves. We think we need many other different things to achieve a goal without asking the basic question: will reaching my goal make me happy?

Let us go back to the masculine and feminine traits.

The list I go through with during my sessions is longer, but these are the terms that pop up the most.

I had a chat with a medical colleague at a seminar. She mentioned things were going well at work, but she was sad that her daughter has gone off to university. The time alone was difficult to bear, so she was thinking about increasing her workload. We did not have much time so I told her I can do a fast coaching with her. She was 55, so I jumped to the Atonement phase. I asked her to look back at her life and see if there was something in the past that remained unsolved. Painting was something that she loved to do, but gave it up once she got into medicine. Weeks later, she calls me up to thank me for that chat. Now she couldn’t wait to come back from work so she could paint and her first project was a portrait of her daughter as a child.

My colleague embraced her masculine energy at work and her feminine energy when with her daughter. When her daughter left, the energy dysbalance made this doctor unhappy. Working more wouldn’t have solved her problem. Tapping into her creativity helped her find the balance that she needed.

To answer the question above, women do not use femininity to its full potential because they are unaware of its power. They have all sorts of mind-soul-body dissociations that stop them from truly living out their femininity. Fear, shame, misconceptions lead to mental blockages, and these are nothing but shut doors on the way to happiness.

With the Femindipity method, which I apply in all of my coaching programmes, I help women get in touch with their true self by dysmantling the false view they have on femininity.

My friend Diana, our managing-coach, says that Happiness is an inside job, and with this amazing quote I am ending this article.

I hope you, dear reader, will stay along for our Femindipity journey. Join the newsletter, check out our Facebook and Instagram and let us make this world a happier place!

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